The Genie Company Releases Retro-Reflective Photo Eye for Commercial Doors

The Genie Company, a manufacturer of access control products for residential and commercial applications, released the newest accessory to its commercial opener line, a monitored retro-reflective photo-eye.

The photo-eye requires wiring on only one side of an upward-acting door, with the intent of saving labor and reducing photo-eye wiring time, the company said. It is UL-325- recognized, rated for doors up to 35 feet wide, and approved for use with all UL-listed Genie commercial operators. The Genie monitored retro-reflective photo eye is also NEMA 4X-rated for harsh environments.

The single-sided photo-eye works with a polarized reflector that requires no power or wiring. It has a heavy-duty metal shield to make it impact-resistant and suited to commercial door environments. The photo-eye is available with two-wire signal output, one of the most common interfaces for monitored entrapment protection sensors in the door and gate industry. An LED indicates the alignment of the sensor, and the visible red light technology indicates power and proper operation.

“Red light technology makes the sensor resilient to ambient light and infrared sensors that can often be found around today’s sectional and rolling doors,” said Ralph Olita, manager of technical services. “The sensor’s design helps prevent the photo-eye from mistaking any reflective surfaces for the reflector, making it extremely reliable for most applications.”

Founded in 1923 and based in Mt. Hope, Ohio, Genie was originally named Alliance Manufacturing Co. and became known as Genie in 1994. Genie manufacturers garage door openers and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Its first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener was made in 1954 and was called Genie. It is now a division of Dallas-based Overhead Door Corp.