Residential Garage Door Manufacturer Hörmann Introduces Galaxy Paint System

Hörmann LLC, a manufacturer of residential and commercial garage doors, recently introduced the Galaxy Paint System for its Orion 3100/3200, Taurus 4200, and Phoenix 5200 garage door series. The new paint system offers 28 preselected, semi-custom colors and the ability to match the color of house coverings, trims, and soffit hues. Customers can also choose any color from the complete color spectrum within the tightest tolerances, the company said in a press release.

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Hörmann Galaxy Paint System is a factory-applied top coat sprayed over the prepainted steel that adds an extra layer of protection from crazing, blistering, peeling, chalking, or fading. The performance of the Galaxy Paint System was thoroughly tested for salty atmospheres, humidity, various weathering conditions, abrasions, impact, and chemical resistance.

Based in Montgomery, Ill., Hörmann LLC has distribution centers in New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.