Industrial Door Manufacturer TMI International Celebrates 25 Years

TMI International LLC, an extruder of flexible PVC materials, is celebrating its silver anniversary this year. In 1988, the company introduced its first line of PVC strip doors, offering an affordable, practical solution to lower energy consumption and costs, the company said in a press release. Twenty-five years later, TMI produces a comprehensive line of products, all designed to manage a wide range of environments.

“We developed the most diversified, but least expensive, doorway closures and combined the manufacturing of strip doors with international trading,” said founder Jos Kleynjans. “This concept created the foundation for the company name—TMI: Trading & Manufacturing Industries.”

Within 15 months of its founding, TMI was in the black. “I was always aware that energy is a valuable and costly commodity,” Kleynjans said. “The foundation of TMI was such that the company had unlimited potential. TMI ultimately turned out to be exactly what we expected.”

The company evolved and developed, introducing several exclusive products to the strip door industry including Rip-A-Strip, a continuous roll of PVC door replacement strips, and strip door hardware Save-T Loc.

Industrial Door Manufacturer TMI International Celebrates 25 Years

“Recognizing market needs and being able to provide added value as well as quick service made TMI a leader in the industry,” Kleynjans said.

Over the past 25 years, TMI has made several acquisitions to further diversify its extensive portfolio, including the PVC extrusion facility Win Plastics and, most recently, the cleanroom and enclosure company Simplex Isolation Systems.

“We expect the considerable synergies between our respective product lines and end markets to fuel significant growth for the entire enterprise,” said Frank Mummolo, TMI’s president and CEO.

TMI is a fully integrated, international manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions designed to manage customer environments by improving work safety, cleanliness, comfort, efficiency, and energy savings. The company’s product line includes strip doors, exclusive PVC-based strip, film, panel, and sheet products, PVC-coated and laminated fabrics, air curtains, insect screens, swinging impact doors, curtains, modular enclosures, and dock accessories. Services include slitting, heat-sealing, interleaving, sheeting, and die-cutting. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the company also has operations in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Anaheim, Calif., and Norcross, Ga.