Tricks for Improving Your Door Dealership’s Social Media Standing

A few months ago I tried yet another social media outlet—Pinterest. As a visual person, the appeal was obvious. Who wouldn’t want to compile gorgeous pictures of a just about anything? While I didn’t really join it for the “social” aspect, many people, including a few garage door manufacturers, use Pinterest as yet another way to make connections.

Social media has become a major force in both our personal and professional lives. In a recent PDD poll, respondents reported LinkedIn (31%) and Facebook (25%) as their go-to social media websites. However, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter also ranked. While some companies have figured out how to effectively use social media to increase brand awareness and generate revenue, others are still navigating the social circles.

Fortunately, social media is a hot topic right now so there’s a gluttony of information available, from books to Web articles to startups dedicated to helping businesses boost their social media stature. I recently picked up a bestseller on the topic, “500 Social Media Marketing Tips” by Andrew Macarthy, a blogger and social media strategist. The book covers all the favored social media sites, plus a few up-and-comers like Instagram and Vine. Here are a few high points:

Tricks for Improving Your Door Dealership’s Social Media Standing

Google+. With more than 190 million active users (as of May), it’s a “must-do” for any business. First, Macarthy suggests creating a “business” page, not a personal profile page, a mistake many business owners make. You want this page to represent your brand, not you as an individual. You can still have a personal profile page, but you should have one for your business as well. Also, be sure to use a large cover image, a compelling tagline, and focus on keywords in the “About” section. These should be keywords your customers are using such as “Phoenix garage door repair” or “Bloomington garage door service.”

Pinterest. What better way to showcase your beautiful garage door installs than through pictures? Pinterest is a visual pinboard. Users can create and organize their favorite “stuff” in virtual “pins” that can be viewed and shared by others online. Again, you want to create a profile for your door dealership, specifically one that has an effective user name. It should be short, but memorable. When “pinning” images, go for taller ones, add keywords and hashtags, and use descriptive links to drive traffic back to your website. A critical point: Be sure to install the “Pin It” buttons to your website so your online visitors can quickly and easily share your images.

YouTube. There are already many door dealers using this social media website to promote themselves. Smartphones have made it ridiculously easy to create short videos—and post them. However, you’re looking to represent your dealership at its best, so make sure anything you do upload is top quality. As with all marketing, be sure to include a call to action. This could be as simple as adding your phone number and website. Keep you videos relevant to your message, and aim for less than three minutes.

Facebook and Twitter. One allows you to communicate short snippets of info, while the other enables you share pictures and stories. Both offer countless marketing possibilities. A key to success on both sites is to post often and offer relevant info. Don’t tell your followers about your weekly specials. They don’t want to hear they can get 20 percent off this week. Instead, share pictures of a new install, ask questions to engage your followers, add a link to an interesting article, share a tip or even post a customer testimonial. To gain more followers on Facebook, consider sending a dedicated e-mail to your  marketing list and ask them to “Like” you. Also, share your Facebook status updates on Twitter.

Remember to promote all your social media platforms to your customers via your website, brochures, business cards, fridge magnets and any other marketing you do. Social media success depends on interaction. If no one knows you have a Facebook or Google+ page, your information will not be seen.

Overwhelmed? Me, too. One way to tackle social media is by starting small. Choose one or two of these social media websites and spend some time on your profile and outreach. Whenever possible, research ways you can get better at connecting in the social media realm. You can find some useful articles on PDD’s “Social Media” Topics page. Like anything else, there will be a learning curve. However, the pay off is there for those willing to put in the time and effort. Be sure to follow PDD on Twitter (DoorDealer) and Facebook (VIRGO.ProfessionalDoorDealer)