Skylink Launches Easy/Quiet Series of Garage Door Openers

Access-control company The Skylink Group recently launched a series of quiet garage door openers to reduce the amount of noise and vibrations when the door is opened or lowered, the company said. Skylink’s openers run on a DC motor, rather than the AC motor most traditional garage door openers use. “You don’t want it to sound like a jet is taking off every time someone in your house uses the garage door,” said company representative Gallen Tsui. “There is going to be some noise with all garage door openers, but we’ve figured out how to keep that to a bare minimum.”

Skylink’s Easy/Quiet series come in the belt- or chain-driven models and features:  

  • Soft start, soft stop mechanisms. Units accelerate slowly to full speed and slow down before coming to a complete stop to reduce vibration and wear and tear on all mechanical parts.
  • Automatic force settings. The microprocessor automatically sets the garage door’s opening and closing forces.
  • Safety sensors. The door automatically reverses if an obstacle is detected beneath the door while closing.
  • Rolling-code technology. A different encrypted code is generated for every remote activation.
  • Passcode remote. The opener unlocks just like a cell phone by using a passcode so it can be left in cars without the user worrying about someone breaking in and opening the garage door.
  • Backup battery with built-in LED lighting. The door lights the garage and continues to function in the event of a power outage.
  • Installation kits. The garage door opener is available in various kits, which come with all the necessary parts.
Skylink Launches Easy/Quiet Series of Garage Door Openers

  Skylink also released its Intelligent/Quiet series, which has the same features as the Easy/Quiet series and includes a wall console with a programmable interface, timer, vacation locks, event log, and diagnostic message display.

“Like all of our home-access products, the main goal of our garage door openers is to give homeowners some of the tools they need to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their families,” Tsui said.

Established in 1990, The Skylink Group is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The company manufactures garage door openers and other home and access-control products.