Seizing the Tech-Centric Opportunity: Advancements in Access-Control Systems That Will Boost Revenue

With technology continuing to integrate into every aspect of homeowners’ lives, the innovative products and systems offered by the access-control industry are evolving rapidly. Dealers and installers who understand how to sell garage door openers and gate-access systems and accessories that are smarter, faster, and more advanced than ever before can seize the opportunity to enhance their reputation among their customers and increase their bottom line with products consumers really want.

In this article, we’ll touch on the new products and technological developments that make it easier for installers to get their jobs done faster, more easily, and more accurately.

New Connectivity, Accessibility, and Security

There is a new story for dealers to tell. Recently, with access-control technology available through smartphones, dealers have been presented with a fresh opportunity to sell an innovative line of products that can be monitored and controlled from anywhere.

The constant connectivity that’s synonymous with smartphones has had a major impact on the access-control industry. Today, more than half of U.S. mobile phone consumers own smartphones; they essentially mimic handheld computers. To that very trend, access systems can now be controlled, managed, and monitored from anywhere in the world, using a free, downloadable app for smartphones.

Seizing the Tech-Centric Opportunity: Advancements in Access-Control Systems That Will Boost Revenue

For example, several manufacturers have launched residential garage and gate-access systems that use a two-way communication system to allow homeowners to check and operate their access systems from an app available on any Internet-enabled device. Truly making this an intuitive solution for homeowners, these systems are available as free, downloadable apps that provide real-time updates on the status of an opener, including which doors and lights are open or closed, on or off, as well as the power to control those lights or openers.

This pioneering capability brings an entirely new level of affordable home activation with added security as opposed to expensive, hardwired home automation and security system to the homeowner. To further elevate convenience for homeowners, dealers and installers should be aware of additional features such as timer-to-close functionality, which enables homeowners to set when their door will automatically close. This feature ensures the door is never left open by accident. Families can rest assured their garage door is closed and their property and family members are safe.

The Backup Plan

According to the independent analysis and statistics from U.S. Energy Administration Information, nearly 12 million energy customers were affected by a power outage in the United States last year. During an outage, many homeowners soon discover access to their homes and vehicles is blocked by a large, immobilized garage door.

To provide homeowners with reliable, seamless access through their garage even when power is lost, dealers can highlight the benefits of having access with a battery backup system. In addition to opening and closing the garage door during a power outage with up to 40 cycles within a 24-hour period, today’s battery backup systems also provide peace of mind for the homeowner who now has reliable, uninterrupted access to the garage.