Mobile Apps for Garage Door Openers: A Door Dealer Shares What’s Hot in His Market

To the average consumer, garage doors are not much more than an afterthought. They provide a simple utilitarian purpose of opening and closing as we park our cars or act as the door to an extra room where we store our belongings. However, those of us in the garage door industry have a slightly different perspective.

With statistics revealing the majority of homeowners enter and exit their home primarily through the garage, and that 9 percent of home burglaries start there as well, it shows how important it is to have a door that can withstand constant use while being secure enough to keep our customers and their possessions safe.

Fortunately, there are mobile applications that have been developed in recent years that can help door dealers and our clients rest assured their garage doors are securely in place, no matter where the homeowner may be. Here are a few products popular with our customers.

Mobile Apps for Garage Door Openers: A Door Dealer Shares What’s Hot in His Market

LiftMaster’s MyQ

Operators with the LiftMaster Internet Gateway with MyQ technology are not just another product we can offer, but also add another layer of consumer confidence in the work we do with the attractive features and extra security.

There’s a good reason for its popularity—the LiftMaster MyQ is rich with features. With the purchase of Liftmaster’s Internet gateway device, consumers have the ability to control and monitor their garage door from a smartphone. All they need is a wireless Internet router in which to plug a LiftMaster module and they’re ready to go.