Action Automatic Door & Gate in Florida Announces Staff Promotions

Action Automatic Door & Gate, which provides garage door and automatic-gate systems sales and service in Florida, promoted the following seven employees. Also noted are their new titles and the number of years each employee has been with the company.

  • Susan Biser, accounting manager, 18 years
  • Tim Currie, warehouse manager, 15 years
  • Jose Comellas, residential service field manager, 11 years
  • Jose Miranda, residential installation field manager, 10 years
  • Walter Sprenger, chief financial officer (CFO) and general manager (from CFO only), eight years
  • Greg Bradshaw, commercial/gate field manager, six years
  • Jonathan Vazquez, sales consultant, four years
Action Automatic Door & Gate in Florida Announces Staff Promotions

Promotions are just one part of the company’s NextGen plan, a process company founder and CEO George Ebel is putting in place so that he may be able to one day sell the company to his top-performing team members. As employees work their way to management positions, they have ample opportunities to take on more responsibilities, excel and take more ownership in how the company operates. The idea is that Action Automatic Door & Gate could be their company one day.

“NextGen allows me to be more of a mentor to them, rather than an owner and manager,” Ebel said. “Everyone has the opportunity to be promoted, and they all have equal say in the company’s operations. They are empowered to make decisions that will affect their future.”

Ebel founded the business in 1974 with a $100 advertisement in a local newspaper while in college in Toledo, Ohio. The dealership is now headquartered in Fort Myers, Fla., and has a showroom in Naples, Fla.