Hörmann Flexon High-Performance Doors Hosts 2013 Dealer Council Meeting

Hörmann Flexon High-Performance Doors held its second annual Dealer Council meeting on Sept. 9 at its new manufacturing plant in Burgettstown, Pa. Representatives from several Hörmann Flexon Tier 1 dealers attended the event. Action items included discussions about past, present, and future sales figures, current and future product lines, and information about understanding specific market development. The representatives answered questions and provided valuable feedback about their firsthand experiences related to the subject matter.

Attendees included:

  • James Buhler of Wallace International
  • Gary Evans of Modern Handling Equipment Co.
  • Michael Goode of Overhead Door Co. of Nashville
  • Jeff Munk of Overhead Door Co. of Pittsburgh
  • Dave Potter of Crawford Door of Salt Lake City
  • Jeff Ross of ESS Group
  • Dave Saffrin of Twin City Garage Door

Jeff Cherok of Dorado Equipment Specialties and Steve Holmes of Commercial Door Co. are also members of the group but were unable to attend the meeting.

Hörmann Flexon High-Performance Doors Hosts 2013 Dealer Council Meeting

Peter Burnham, Hörmann Flexon’s vice president of sales and marketing, said he was pleased with the professionalism, interaction, and feedback from the council members. “We hosted the meeting at our new facility at Starpointe Business Park so the council members were our first dealers to tour our new building. Following the tour and meeting, it was apparent the dedication and commitment of our Dealer Council representatives will be a contributing factor in Hörmann Flexon’s continued growth.”

A follow-up webinar for the representatives is scheduled in October, and a third annual Dealer Council meeting is being planned for 2014.

Hörmann Flexon manufactures the Speed-Master Series and Speed-Commander 1400 SEL Series of high-performance, high-speed roll-up doors. The company is privately owned by the Hörmann Group, which employs more than 6,000 employees worldwide, and has 24 production facilities in more than 40 countries.

Attendees at the Sept. 9 Hörmann Flexon Dealer Council meeting included (from left): Joe Jones, Hörmann Flexon; Jeff Munk, Overhead Door Co. of Pittsburgh; Dave Potter, Crawford Door of Salt Lake City; Peter Burnham, Hörmann Flexon; Dave Saffrin, Twin City Garage Door; Mark Haley, Hörmann Flexon; Gary Evans, Modern Handling Equipment Co.; Jeff Ross, ESS Group; Jacques Op’t Root; Hörmann; James Buhler, Wallace International; and Michael Goode, Overhead Door Co. of Nashville.