C.H.I. Overhead Doors Introduces Accents Logos

C.H.I. Overhead Doors, a manufacturer of residential and commercial doors, has introduced Accents Logos to its growing line of Accents products, which includes Accents Woodtones and Accents Images. The product gives C.H.I. distributors an opportunity to provide businesses and organizations a personalized C.H.I. overhead door with their company logo on it.

Accents Logos are ideal for a wide range of organizations including businesses, park districts, local sports complexes, community buildings and more, the company said. “End users will benefit greatly from company recognition, brand awareness and increased visibility in their community,” said Chris Jones, sales and marketing manager. “C.H.I. distributors can now offer customization options unavailable anywhere else in the industry.”

Accents Logos are available for interior applications on door models 2216, 2283, 4216, 4283, 5216, 5283, 5916 and 5983, and available in interior/exterior applications on models 2217, 2284, 3216 and 3285.

Founded in 1981 in Arthur, Ill., C.H.I. manufactures residential and commercial sectional and rolling-steel doors. The company offers a mix of handmade craftsmanship and computer-aided precision to manufacture its doors.