6 Ways to Guarantee Proper Garage Door Service Etiquette

Every profession has its own standards of etiquette. In the financial world, bank tellers dress professionally, act with discretion and show respect to each customer. In the restaurant industry, hostesses and waiters always keep a sanitary appearance and put diners’ needs ahead of their own.

Similarly, garage door dealers must adhere to a high level of etiquette as well. It’s very important for door professionals to establish a proper, respectable, and trusting relationship with their customers. Unlike many other types of service where the customer brings a product to a shop for repair or maintenance, garage door professionals have no choice but to make house calls. The idea of letting an unfamiliar person into the home is uncomfortable for most people, hence the need for garage door service techs to have proper house-call etiquette.

6 Ways to Guarantee Proper Garage Door Service Etiquette

As the marketing director at Mid-Atlantic Door Group, I’ve talked with countless customers about what they expect from their garage door repair service. As a result, I’ve created the following list of etiquette best practices. Door professionals who adhere to these guidelines will not only offer the standard level of courtesy during house calls but will also surpass customer expectations and guarantee future business.

Be On-Time

The most important rule for garage door professionals to follow is showing up for scheduled appointments on time. Nothing can irritate a customer more than having to wait around for a technician to arrive. The person waiting may have taken time off of work to meet with the technician and doesn’t have time or patience to sit and wait.

In the worst-case scenario, when a delayed arrival is inevitable due to unforeseen traffic or a prolonged previous appointment, garage door dealers should always call the waiting customer and provide an update on their arrival time.

Be Neat

A garage door professional who enters a home with muddy shoes can essentially count on never being asked to return. Tracking dirt and mud into a house can stain carpets and damage rugs. It essentially creates a huge mess and makes the technician look inconsiderate and sloppy. A homeowner doesn’t want to clean up after his garage door service. Leaving behind a mess will certainly deter him from calling for a follow-up appointment.